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November 14, 2009


Time is moving on and I realise I have not updated my progress recently.

Having now laid all the track and got trains actually running I am tackling the problems of the storage yards. At the right hand end-looking from the front- I am using simple cassettes. These are made from 15mm x 15mm aluminium alloy angle obtainable from all good hardware stores, screwed in gauge to 12mm MDF. I have built an extra 2’ x 2’ board to bolt on to the end of the layout on which the various cassettes will sit. A short piece of MDF plus alloy angle is permanently fixed to the board and aligns with the exit track. Electrical connection to the cassette is made using simple binder clips from any stationers. To save too much handling of stock I have made separate small cassettes to take the locos so they can easily be moved from one end of a train to the other.

At the other end of the layout I have the problem of wanting to use a sector plate to get access to the loop and narrow gauge siding as well as needing to be able to change and turn trains. In this case I have again used cassettes which sit on the sector plate and can be slid in and out. They are guided by alloy angle screwed under the plate with the edge protruding upwards. The sector plate is thin MDF. 

The sector plate is worked by a wire protruding through the back scene and because of the multitude of positions needed, it will be lined up by eye.

To get electrical connection to the cassette I have laid self-adhesive copper tape to either side of the sector plate and the underside of the cassette with wires soldered to the tape and connected to the alloy. This avoids having to use clips and makes it easy to slide the cassette in and out and to turn it.


To prevent stock running off the cassette when it is being turned, removed etc I have used a piece of thin MDF which fits across the end of the cassette in slots cut in the aluminium alloy angle. I got this idea from a layout seen at a recent exhibition and pictured below. Why re-invent the wheel!



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