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December 1, 2009

One of the ‘cameo features’ for the layout is to be a working wagon turntable with the wagon being drawn into the maltings. This is part of the Broad Gauge sidings to the Left of the layout. The whole mechanism is built on a plywood sub-base thich is let into the polystyrene baseboard. The wagon turntable is powered by a multi reduction motor and gearbox sold by many stands at exhibitions and controlled by a variable voltage regulator kindly built for me by a member of my local club. The wagon itself is drawn into the building by a powerful rare earth magnet attached to a rack and pinion gear under the board on which the track is laid. This again is powered by a multi-stage gearbox and motor. Microswitches control the limits of the traverse. The whole thing looks a bit ‘Heath Robinson’ but seems to work, –see pictures below;


It is amazing how useful the old Meccano is! The wagon itself has a small magnet fitted under one buffer beam to assist the working.

As part of the cameo the door to the maltings needs to open and this has been achieved by using servos controlled by ‘The Bouncer’ from Full Stop Signals designed for working semaphore signals. With this I have been able to produce some bounce in the doors as then are opened and closed. The set up is shown below;

I have only made a mock up of the building so far. It will be based on Tucker’s Maltings at Newton Abbott.

Click on the link below to view the whole thing in action. All I need to do now is to work out how to get the man opening the door and the horse pulling the wagon!!!



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