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January 23, 2010

l am afraid that I have not been doing much to the layout as it has been for too cold in the garage!!

I have been building a standard gauge Locomotive and have started some of the scenery at the back of the layout. To cut down on weight I decided lo use expanded polystyrene as the basis for the fields. This is rather mucky to use as it gets everywhere.  I tend lo use a sharp carving knife to form the main shape then finish of with a small surform .

The whole lot is then stuck down with PVA. Once it has dried I then paint undiluted PVA over the whole lot and then using a 5O:50 water/glue mix I stick paper towels to the polystyrene. I use the green ones I often  found in loos in Hotels (1 won’t say where I got them!) because when they are dry it saves having to paint the ground colour! See below.


  Next I will start the farm to go at the back of this hill so that it can be set into the scene before doing the finer detail of the ground cover.


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