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Setting the scene 1

April 21, 2010

At last I have reached the bit of layout building I enjoy the most, that is doing the scenery and setting the scenes. As well as creating the overall picture, within that scene I like to have a number of cameos that will move the visitors eye around the scene.

The first that I have been working on is a farm set into the bank at the back of the layout. I have used plans of a typical Devon Dartmoor long house which is built in 3/4 relief. It is built from card covered in manilla paper. This is obtained from a brown envelope and is put on ‘inside-out’ which gives a slightly textured finish. I was shown this by Peter Gentle some years ago. The stonework is scribed into the paper and then the individual stones were painted using water colours. The windows were then set in using thin card for the frames and thin strips of, pre-painted computer label stuck to the glazing for the glazing bars.. Once it had all been done the ‘kit’ was folded up to form the shell of the building.


The roof on this building is interesting as the main farmhouse is thatched whilst the shippon is part slate and part corrugated iron. The thatch is done using plumbers hemp-I use the method described by Chris Pilton in his superb book on modelling cottages for Pendon. The slates are the traditional strips of paper and the corrugated iron is commercially produced rolled aluminium foil. Finally the whole building was weathered using weathering powders.

The cottage you will note has a cellar base and this allows it to be set into the scenery, which I described in my last posting. Once set in, the gap around the building was filled with a weak mixture of filler and PVA and then the ground around was detailed. I needed quite a lot of dry stone walling. To make this I have used modelling clay similar to DAS over a core of thick card to which it is stuck with PVA, The stones were then scribed in and once dry painted and weathered.

Finally with the addition of grass, weeds, animals and figures I have produced the cameo seen below;










The embankment is yet to be finished and only has the basic bleached carpet felt stuck down with PVA. It needs colouring and detailing but will have to wait until I do the rest of the fields along the line.

Next I will describe the construction of the Maltings and the area around it. A start has also been made on the canal and lock which will run along the front of the layout.


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