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Setting the scene 2

July 9, 2010

The Maltings Area.

This area to the left hand side of the layout is made up of two main warehouse buildings and groundwork down to the canal. The area adjacent to the sidings and wagon turntables is cobbled with an ash type surface around.

I have had to add a small link building between the two warehouses to cut out the site of the traverser behind. I will also have to add some strategically placed trees to cut out the site lines of the hidden traverser at a later date.

In the foreground you can see the swing bridge in position. This is constructed from plasticard and is removable. It is placed in this position to disguise the join in the baseboards through the canal at this point. The canal base has been plastered but still needs painting and varnishing.

The cobbles have been laid using WILLS plastic sheets. They were then painted with light grey acrylic paint and weathered using a dry brushing technique with further acrylic weathering paints.

The ash surface has been done by initially laying a thin layer of filler mixed with some PVA. When dry it was painted with a thick grey emulsion and more polyfillar sieved onto the wet paint and stippled in with a brush. When dry the excess was hoovered off and then again dry brushed with weathering paints.

I have also started to lay the basic grassing for other parts of the layout. I have accepted to exhibit the railway in September so I am trying to get the basic scenery finished but all the detailing of the various planned cameos will come later.

For the grass I use the well tried method of bleached carpet underlay glued in bundles with PVA. I tease the bundle out then cut it in half which then gives even lengths to get the glue to bite. When the glue has set I comb the excess off with a dog comb and then trim to the final length with scissors. I try to get it as short as possible.

The whole lot is then painted with green enamel highly diluted with white spirit. If the colour is not dark enough a further layer can be built up.


Finally I add nettles, brambles etc using coarser scatter materials and foliage net.


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