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Setting the scene 3

August 5, 2010

Goods Exchange Wharf

To the right hand side of the layout I planned a canal/railway goods exchange shed. This would have been a later addition when the LSWR added a standard gauge siding to the complex. I have based the shed on a warehouse on the Cromford Canal in Derbyshire;

I have used plans of the good’s shed at Williton on the West Somerset Railway as the basis for the stone building and added the canopy to suit the position. The model is built from card and overlaid with stone sheet by Metcalfe, which was then scribed and embossed. The canopy sits on a frame and uprights constructed using bullhead rail. The canopy itself is covered with wrought iron sheets which are made of corrugated aluminium foil. The stone part of the building is made to be removed as it sits over the edge of a removable section of canal designed to disguise the board joint. I have also finished the yard surface and also installed a canal bridge, the road from the railway crossing to the canal and the workers cottages along the road.


These cottages are recycled from a previous layout, it seemed a pity to waste them!


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