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Canal and lock

August 15, 2010

The next big job has been to represent the surface of the canal and detail the lock with the gates etc. The upper end of the canal is designed as a lift out jigsaw piece in order to disguise the join between boards. Similarly the canal swing bridge at the other end is detachable to disguise the joint at that end. The upper lock gate also lifts out and helps disguise the join between the lift out section and the lock itself. The gates are made from layered card with obechi wood for the operating beam.


The canal surface was first laid with a plaster base which was then painted with acrylics. When dry it was coated with three thick layers of quick drying satin varnish. Some slight irregularity in the plaster base in the canal below the lock has given the effect of water running out of the lock downstream.

The side of the canal opposite the wharf has been finished off with reeds made from plumbers hemp and painted with acrylics. It is still awaiting a few bull rushes as part of the finer detailing. The area around the lock has still to be finished. The lock-keepers cottage is being constructed and the garden around it still needs to be detailed but this unfortunately may have to wait until a later date because of the deadline to have the majority of  the scene to be completed for the first exhibition in September.



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