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First Shows

September 19, 2010

Yeoton Wharf has now had it’s first showings at exhibitions. The first was at the Steam Festival at the Steam museum in Swindon.



It ran remarkably well for a first outing and the only major problem was constant de-railing of stock coming off the cassettes due to a lack of check rails. Some point throws need to be adjusted and an insulation gap closed up in the heat causing a difficult to find short. The second showing was yesterday, the 18th, at the 3mm Society WestFest meeting at Ilton in Somerset. I had added plenty of check rails to the cassettes and the problem was solved with much improved running.

I was very gratified with the comments received from visitors especially considering that the layout was un-finished.

The biggest disaster has been with the operating doors on the Maltings. These, as you will have seen from previous postings, are controlled by the Bouncer circuit board supplied by Full Stop Signals. After installation the doors operated extremely well until I installed the electro-magnets for uncoupling. These surround the control board with it’s programmable chip mounted under the layout. As soon as I started using the magnets and servos began ‘twitching’ and eventually shot to there full travel and ceased to function. I suspect that the magnetic force from the coils has some how wiped the memory of the PIC. I am awaiting a replacement board and will then have to install it well away from the magnets and shield it with some lead. Ho-hum!

At least the wagon turntable and traverser worked well and amused the young and old alike.


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