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Servo Saga

November 5, 2010

As you will see from my previous postings about the Maltings, I had installed working and bouncing doors to the warehouse. However after installing the electro-magnets for uncoupling, the ‘Bouncer’ board from Full Stop Signals which controlled the doors and their bounce’ stopped working. It would seem that the electro-magnetic fields from the uncouplers had affected the chip settings on the board. Despite numerous e-mails to the owner of Full Stop Signals and manufacturer of the Bouncer I have failed to get any reply;  which is not unlike other people I know who have tried to order the boards to no avail. This is a pity as the basic product is very good.

Talking the problem over with electrics experts it seem the problem may be in the siting of the control board, which is near the magnets and the cables to the servos not being shielded and therefore the electro-magnetic induction was causing the servos to ‘hunt’. I do confess not to be an expert in electronics.

I have now acquired a servo control board from Heathcote electronics who gave an excellent response and delivered within a couple of days. I have installed this adjacent to the servos, ie within the Maltings building. This is a good way from the nearest magnet and the cables to the servos are very short. I have also twisted up the control wires from the main panel and shielded them with some aluminium foil. The doors are now back working, albeit without ‘bounce’ and seem not to be affected by the use of the uncouplers or locos running nearby.  Time will tell!!.

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