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More progress….

December 19, 2010

It is a while since I have added to this blog but it all takes time to progress on the layout, especially with all the domestic constraints that ensue!!

I have been working on detailing the right hand side of the layout with installation of the level crossing and also detailing around the lock.

Level Crossing.

The gates are adapted from some excellent etches of GWR gates kindly supplied by Brian Golding. These were mounted on a brass rod which runs down through the baseboard to a crank whic is then connected to a servo. With the use of another servo control board from Heathcote the gates now wok well and operate one at a time. All the wiring is twisted and shielded and doesn’t seem affected by the dreaded electro-magnets. As you can see from the pictures below I have slightly remodelled the exit from the board at this point with the addition of the end of a platform and impression of a small waiting shelter for a halt. The bracket signal[non-working] for the entrance to the loop and yard has been installed and some trees sighted to attempt to disguise the hole in the back drop.


As you can see a detailed back drop has been installed. This is hade from a series of photographs taken on Dartmoor which were stitched together using Coral paint Shop Pro and then printed out on a role of photo paper. This was then stuck to 1mm foam board which is in turn velcro’d to the back of the layout.


Lock and surrounds.

The gardens of the lock keepers cottage have been detailed with vegetables as described previously. The horse drawn butty in the lock is made from a 4mm scale Craftman’s kit which I photo-reduced to 3mm. The canal boat tied up alongside the warehouse was built by the late Brian Tunbridge and has been repainted and lettered.


I now intend to move to the other end of the layout and detail around the Maltings.


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