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May 4, 2011

I have been detailing in this blog my experiences in building a new layout. In doing so I have tried out many new ideas some of which have worked well and some not so.

The fun has been to create something different from the usual layouts seen at exhibitions and also something different in 3mm scale. I hope that anyone reading this has been inspired.

In summary I list the ups and downs of the layout and where I would use a method again, and where not.

Extruded Polystyrene baseboards. Plus points lightness, rigidity and ability to carve and cut easily. Minus point is that the board I used has a very smooth surface to which nothing would stick. Experience has shown that one should roughen up the surface before use. In this way it will take a glue, in my case I used Nonails. I would use this form of baseboard again.

Servo controls. I have had great problems with the vagaries of using servos. I have talked with a few people about the problems and only one has found them to work well. Servos do not like AC current near them or running with the control lines and also do not seem to like electromagnetic fields either. I have just about got them to work the level crossing and the doors to the warehouse but they still have their moments and often need resetting. Would I use them again? Probably not. When the signals are installed on the layout I will use simple solenoids to work them.

Buildings from pictures. I have been very pleased with the appearance of the Maltings buildings in which I used scaled down pictures printed out on computer labels for the stonework. I have discovered that one must be very careful not to get any water on the print before it has been protected as it affects the picture. Time will tell as to whether the print will fade but it doesn’t show any signs yet. I think it is important to use a good photo quality printer as opposed to a cheap universal one as the ink quality varies considerably. I would definitely try this method again.

If  you would like to see this layout it will be at the following shows in the near future;

Exeter MRC  4-5/6/2011

Uckfield MRC  15-16/10/2011

London Festival of Railway Modelling, Alexander Palace  24-25/3/2012


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