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May 4, 2011

It has been a while since I updated the progress on Yeoton Wharf. The scenery is now finished to a state where the layout is fit to be shown, though does one ever actually finish.

I have been adding to the stock to run on the narrow[standard] gauge lines by having a production line of goods vehicles; see below


DSC_1553           DSC_1552

The Great Western early mink is from a Finney and Smith kit, the LSWR open and covered van are 3mm Society kits and the coal wagons are early Gloucester Railway Wagon Company wagons with dumb buffers adapted from Finney and Smith kits. The LSWR Brake Van is a model of the 18ft 6in goods guard’s van of 1874 scratch built in plasticard from plans in volume 4 of LSWR carriages by G R Weddell. In addition I have a number of tarpaulin covered open wagons, some Great Western and some London and South Western previously built to rum on 12mm track which have been converted for 14.2mm gauge.

I still need more broad gauge wagons, LSWR coaches and more standard gauge locos. That should keep me occupied!!


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  1. Robert Rayner permalink

    I’m a member of the BGS (795) and I’m considering ‘going 3mm’ and I would be grateful if you could please solve a couple of queries for me.
    i) What do you use for BG rolling stock axles?
    ii)Does the 3mm Society Dean Goods kit have an option to build a round top firebox version (for use as a basis for an Armstrong ‘convertable’)?
    Many Thanks

    • Robert
      Thanks for your enquiry. I am very sorry for the delay in replying. You are the one and only person to have left a comment on the blog and I have only just discovered it!
      In answer to your questions. I use 3mm society 14.2 fine scale wheels. For wagons I cut the axle in half and then use a brass tube which has an internal diameter the same as the axle cut to the back to back and super glue the two stub axles in. Loco axles come with extended ends for out-side cranks so are the correct length overall for BG. For 4′ wagon or coach wheels I use Alaln Gibson P4 open spoke wagon wheels again cut and extended with a brass tube.
      There is no option with the deans goods for a round top version except to build your own.
      I would be very happy to pass on tips etc about 3mm Broad Gauge. I also have a number of etchings I had done for B&E 6wheel coaches. Please feel free to contact me direct at


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