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LSWR Ilfracombe Goods

August 4, 2011

I have now started on my second loco for the standard gauge portion of my mixed gauge Yeoton Wharf layout. The locomotive was introduced in 1873 but I have chosen to model the 1888 Adams rebuild as it is easier to fit a motor into the firebox and this will just fit into my period which is up to 1892.

I obtained plans and some very good information from an article in the British Railway Journal and Don Bradley’s books on LSWR locomotives. The locomotive is completely scratch-built and using standard castings available through the 3mm society from John Bateman.

The chassis is compensated on the front and middle axles using the superb High Level Horn-blocks and a rocking beam. The chassis side frames started life as 3SMR etched frames for a G6 which gave the correct wheelbase for the middle and rear axle so I could use the rear coupling rod and only had to manufacture the front and then cut the fames in the correct position for the horn-blocks. I have used a High Level gearbox mated to the smallest motor supplied by Finney and Smith.


The tender has a separate chassis with the front two axles ‘floating’ so as to allow weight to be transferred to the rear of the loco.

I have now reached  a point where the body is almost complete but is still awaiting the final details such as clack valves, whistles and various pipe work as well as brakes to the chassis. These will be added once I have run it in well on the rolling road. Eventually it will be finished in the Adams lined dark green goods livery.




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