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GWR Steam Rail Motor

December 23, 2011

At the bottom of my drawer of un-made kits, which we all have, is a 20+ year old  etched brass kit for a Steam Rail Motor or Autocoach depending on how it is built. This was one of the original 3mm society kits and was a reduced version of the Mallard kit for a Q diagram SRM. The motor bogie was designed by Stewart Hine.

Recently I was given an un-motorised chassis with the original 12mm gauge wheels and complete valve gear. This was originally started by the late Ron Wilson and was found in a box of bits by Brian Golding when he purchased Ron’s layout and stock. We the recent interest in SRMs following the restoration of one at the Great Western Society in Didcot I decided to have a go at resurrecting this one. I am indebted to David Brandrith a member of the Devon Finescale Group for a great series of photographs of the SRM taken at Didcot which give great details of the interior of the coach and also all the running gear.

The bogie was initially stripped down with removal of the valve gear and wheels. Top hat bearings were soldered to the brass mainframes to bring the width out suitable for 14.2mm gauge and new 12mm 12spoke drivers were fitted. A rummage in my box of spare gears produced a suitable pair of spur gears to drive the layshaft which still had the original worm and spur gears. The same box also produced an etch for a branch-lines gear box which I could butcher to give a mount for the Mashima  motor. After much trial and tribulation and partial rebuilding of the valve gear a few times I managed to get the thing working. I have also built the trailing bogie using a MJT kit with the original fishbelly bogie sides fitted. I also fitted phosphor bronze pick-ups to this bogie and as can be seen from the picture below these are connected via a miniature connector to a socket which will be fitted on the floor of the body. Both bogies fit on to the body via press studs.


Now to the body!

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