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Steam Rail Motor continued

January 5, 2012

I have now completed the body for the SRM. This is basically the original kit with extra details added as per the photographs I have of the one at Didcot. Most noticeably is the roof where I have added the opening for the safety valve, handrails, whistle and piping for the gas lamps. I have also added the handrails on the two ends and for the driver’s doors.


I have recently invested in a resistance soldering unit which has been a boon for attaching all the small etchings such as steps and handrails. How did I manage before!!

The hardest part was forming the roof and deciding how to fit it. I really wanted it removable so I could get at the interiors which I want to fit after the body has been painted, as well as accessing the motor bogie mount. I therefore fitted a press stud connecting the middle of the roof to a bar soldered across the top of the small compartment where the double door are. This holds the roof quite well but there is a slight gap where the roof meets the rain strips at either end, but this is not visible from the usual viewing angles.

The next step is to make the interiors. I shall use plasticard for this. For the seat coverings I shall try to capture the pattern from the photos I have, scale them down and print out. The paper can be stuck to the seats and backs. Well that is the plan!!

  1. Fantastic work – makes me want to do one too !

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