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The Gremlins bite

March 27, 2012

I have just returned from  the Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexander Palace and the gremlins have bitten.

How does the railway develop an impossible short circuit after working[electrically] without fault all day?? I isolated the short to one length of track with no obvious cause and having checked all the gaps in rails could see no rhyme or reason for it. Oh the joys of model railways!!!

Eventually I discovered a work around and the layout was fine on the Sunday. No doubt when I put it up again this week the fault will have gone!!

The rest of the layout worked reasonably well but more work needs to be done on the alignment of the cassettes, the uncouplers and those blessed B&B couplings. The AJs worked very well but the B&Bs gave the most problems mainly with constant uncoupling at the wrong places and not wanting to couple at times. I am now going to try some ideas courtesy of Peter Bossom who seems to have mastered them. If that doesn’t work then they will be ditched in favour of the Alex Jackson ones.

It is not until you start using an exhibition layout that you discover the design faults and problems. I have found that it really needs two controllers and that the push button switches that I am using for operating the electro-magnets don’t make proper contact at times resulting in poor operation of them. Therefore I intend to re-design and re-build the control panel to incorporate two controllers and toggle switches for the uncouplers. At the same time I shall change from a mimic diagram to a more lever frame type array of switches and a signal box diagram.

I am  very pleased with the comments on the scene that I have produced, especially the Warehouses and the back scene.  All I need to do now is to work hard on getting it to run better.


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