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Panelled coaches

April 17, 2012

I needed some early LSWR 4 wheel coaches to run on the ‘narrow’ gauge part of the layout. There are no kits available so it was down to scratch-building. I decided to build them in plasticard but use computer labels for the panelling. I initially scanned the plans from a book on LSWR coaches and reduced the scale to 3mm. I then printed out the sides and ends on an A4 label. This was then stuck to 20 thou plasticard and the panelling was cut round and peeled off and windows with drop-lights as necessary were cut out.


The body was then put together and the chassis made using etched W irons and Mansell wheels. The roof was made to fit after painting and the fitting of the glazing. The completed coach is shown below.


The thickness of the panelling is just right and the labels cut very neatly providing a very sharp blade is used. Once finished the coach was given a very light spray of grey undercoat. The first one I did, I was a bit enthusiastic with the spray and obliterated the panelling. When dry the coaches were brush painted with Salmon and Brown and the lining added using a 0.1mm lining pen and the red was applied using acrylic ink and a bow pen. The finished rake is a passable model but is my first effort. I have another rake to build and I will build on what I have learnt with this set.


  1. This is a simply brilliant idea. Typically I’ve resorted to thin strip styrene or paper and individually applied. It’s tedious work and I’ve not had a great deal of success in acheiving consistent results. I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  2. Reblogged this on esngblog and commented:
    Here’s an excellent idea for making panelled coach sides in small scales. I recall the tedious ‘fun’ I had marking out sides in my ‘OO’ and ‘EM’ days.
    This method may work well with the ‘craft cutter’ approach to cutting out panelling. I’ll follow up with a post on this, not wanting to steal the thunder of an excellent piece of modelling…..

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    Had to reblog this

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