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September 17, 2012

It has been a long time since I last posted on the blog. A move of house has rather played havoc with modelling but I am now settled an look forward to filling my new 19’ x 10’ modelling room with a layout.

Yeoton Wharf has now been in a number of exhibitions and has now been featured in the October Railway Modeller. I have generally had good comments at exhibitions but as is often the case with a new layout it is taking quite a bit of running in. It is not until it is used in shows with the problem of transporting and variations in temperature that the short-comings show up;

The twitching servos caused by using the electro-magnets have been solved buy using relays to operate the servo board and keeping all the wires connecting them to short runs.

The copper tape I used on the cassettes on the traverser to connect the power has worn with the rubbing that occurs every time they are put in and taken out. I have now had to use electric clips to connect the power and am looking at a different method.

There have been problems with the alignment of the cassettes which has needed a lot of fettling but slowly operation is improving.


The next job is too continue improving the running of the layout and stock. Locos need running in and more standard gauge stock needs to be built. I also need to finish replacing the B&B couplings with Alex Jacksons as I am finding that these are working extremely well.


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