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This blog is intended to chronicle the design and construction of my new 3mm scale, mixed gauge exhibition layout. This is a logical development from my previous ‘Broad Gauge’ layout “Bagborough West”. Having been the first and only one lo build a 3 mm scale, 7’0″ gauge model I am mad enough to now attempt a mixed gauge layout. The gauges are 21mm and 14-2mm. ie Brunel’s 7’gauge and the standard gauge or as it was known in his time, narrow gauge.

The plan is based on the North Devon Railway which ran from Exeter to Barnstable. It was initially leased lo the Bristol and Exeter Railway but was taken over by the London and South Western Railway in 1862 having been changed to mixed gauge in 1860.

In 1824 plans had been put forward to construct a canal, to be known as the Public Devonshire Canal, from Weare Gifford on the river Torridge near Bideford on the North Devon coast to Topsham near Exeter on the South Coast. the planned route was similar to that later used by the North Devon Railway. I have imagined that the canal was actually built and that there was a canal/railway interchange built near Crediton where the river Yeo runs near to the railway. At the interchange there will be a goods transfer facility and also a Maltings.

The standard gauge trains are operated by the LSWR and the broad gauge by the Bristol and Exeter and later by the GWR after it adsorbed the B+ER in 1876.

  1. Tony Hall permalink

    Saw the article in Railway Modeller and was especially intrigued by the excellent figures, such as the man leading the horse & wagon. where do they come from?

    Tony Hall

    • Thanks for the comments. The figures on the layout are a mixture of 3mm society, the old Slaters, Preiser and some supplied by Howard Love of the 3mm society. The man leading the horse is a 1:100 scale figure by Preiser supplied through Gaugemaster models. He is part of a set of unpainted figures. They are designed for Architectural use. Look at the Gaugemaster web site.

  2. Graham Tandy. permalink

    Graham Tandy “Little Histon”.

    My layout appeared in the Railway Modeller,same edition,October 2012 and i have looked and read
    your description of Yeoton Wharf many times and never noticed your website until quite recently so
    I can now say that “Its A wonderful layout” and I would love to see it sometime in the future at an
    exhibition.Maybe you could let me know where that might be.Incidentally,I am at Warley in November 2014 so if you happen to be there please come along and say Hello.

    Once again Its a super Layout.

    Graham Tandy

    • Hi Graham
      Many thanks for your comments. I have looked back at RM to remind myself of your layout. It also is very well modelled and evocative of the period though I do not know East Anglia very well.
      I am based in the West Country. I find Warley a bit far to go unless I am actually exhibiting there. Most of my shows are local in the West. I shall be at Steam at Swindon 13-14 September and Weymouth 1-2 November. Next year I shall be at Basingstoke 14-15 March, Wells in Somerset 8-9 August(provisional) and Taunton 24-25 October(again provisional). I am sure more will appear.
      Nick Salzman

  3. John Minnitt permalink

    I’ve just watched a Youtube clip of Yeoton – beautiful. I was dithering about trying 3mm scale, Yeoton is the best argument for it I’ve seen.
    One question if I may – the society finescale drivers use a shouldered axle I believe, how did you use them for broad gauge? (Not just a casual question, I am now having mad thoughts about 3mm scale Cornwall Railway).

    • Hi
      Thanks for the comments. The Finescale axles are 1/8″ shouldered down to 2mm. The overall length allows for outside cranks but is exact for the distance over the outer faces in Broad Gauge. I make up some spacers made from 1/8″ silver steel bored out 2mm to make a spacer to bring the gauge to 21mm(19.6mm back to back). if you are interested in 3mm it would be best to join the society as that is the only way to buy wheels etc. if you want more info or help feel free to email me direct.

  4. John Minnitt permalink

    Thanks for the information. I am already a member, I was going to do some GW standard (sorry narrow) gauge, but Yeoton has reminded me that I have always been fascinated by the Broad Gauge. I did some in 4mm long ago, and went to the inaugural meeting of the BGS, even longer ago. Unfortunately I don’t have the machinery to make the sort of spacers you describe, I’ll think about it.
    I would have emailed direct as you suggested, but can’t see your address.
    Thanks again
    John M

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